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Southeastern Arizona Contractors Association

The Southeastern Arizona Contractors Association, “SACA”, was established in 1977. SACA’s membership is made up of a diverse group of licensed contractors, suppliers, and businesses that support the construction industry.

SACA is actively involved with the Registrar of Contractors, local planning and zoning committees, and safety education.

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We invite you to join our organization as we strive to build a better future for our community!  SACA also sponsors the SACA Annual Charity Golf Classic, raising funds for local charities.


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Legislative Update

The Arizona Legislature convened this week and there are a number of issues that will impact the outcome of the session. Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESAs), water, and the budget are front and center.

According to the Joint Legislative Budget Committee (JLBC), some key points for the budget are as follows:

• FY 24 General Fund revenues have fallen short of the enacted forecast. The Individual Income Tax is the primary underperformer.

• Due to declining revenues, the budget is projected to have a shortfall of $(835) M in FY 24 and $(879) M in FY 25, or a combined total of $(1.7) B. 

• The Legislature may opt to continue $369 M of traditional “ongoing onetimes” and litigation-related one-time spending in FY 25. 

• We will need $2.2 billion of shortfall solutions after adjusting for the $369 M in continued one-time spending and a $100 M ending balance. 

• The shortfalls continue through FY 27, the last year of the 3-year budget window. The projected FY 27 shortfall is $(187) M. 

Currently the Republicans control the house and senate by one vote and the governor’s office is controlled by Democrat Katie Hobbs. This dynamic will play a role in what legislation passes and gets signed or vetoed.

750 bills have been filed to date. AZAGC is tracking 242 with 97 on our high priority list. Below are few AZAGC is keeping its eye on:

HB2037 department of transportation continuation (Representative Cook) - The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) will sunset or terminate on July 1, 2024. This bill extends the termination date to July 1, 2032.

HB2190 prohibited agreements; public works contracts (Representative Cook) – If a city or county decides to do so, allows them to require mandatory project labor agreements for public works construction.

HB2412 appropriations; highway and road projects (Representative Cook) – appropriates $384,227,354 for 75 projects around the state. The funding includes money for rural airports, rural pavement rehabilitation and striping, flood control, road improvements and expansion, bus maintenance facilities, and vehicle charging stations.

HB2594 TPT; prime contracting; exemption; alterations (Representative Carbone) – Redefines alteration of the transaction privilege tax for prime contracting to include residential structures that do not increase the square footage of the residential structure.

SB1005 public monies; ideology training; prohibition (Senator Hoffman) – A public entity (state, political subdivision or public university) in Arizona is prohibited from requiring its employees to engage in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs, spend public money on DEI programs, enter into a contract (all) with companies that have a DEI program and outlaws state funding to go to an office or individual supporting these programs.

SB1054 state construction project delivery methods (Senator Carroll) – Alternate Project Deliver Methods (APDM) for horizontal construction will expire in 2025. This bill extends the expiration to 2030.

Local Update

AZAGC Takes Strong Stand Against Phoenix and Tucson Prevailing Wage Ordinances

Previously you were sent AZAGC’s press release promising we will engage counsel if Phoenix, Tucson or Tempe passed a prevailing wage ordinance. As you may be aware, Phoenix and Tucson passed their ordinances this week, and AZAGC promised to challenge the legality of them. We will be teaming up with the Goldwater Institute, the Arizona Builders Alliance and Associated Minority Contractors of Arizona to explore the best legal path to challenge illegal prevailing wage ordinances. More to come as things unfold.

Great news! Proposition 400e has an official name – Proposition 479

On November 1, 2023 the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution where they called for the placement of the measure for the continuation of the county transportation excise tax on the ballot for the November 5, 2024 General Election. The measure will be called PROPOSITION 479 and the County Elections Director shall prepare the final ballot text and publicity pamphlet for the measure. The resolution included the following ballot description:

A measure continuing the current transportation excise (sales) tax to address the regional transportation system by building new freeways, expanding existing freeways with additional access and capacity, constructing streets and intersections, expanding transit by increasing the frequency of bus service, providing additional bus, dial-a-ride and vanpool services and providing for capital rehabilitation of light rail. Revenues will be allocated as follows:

(a) 40.5 percent to freeways and other routes in the state highway system.

(b) 37 percent to public transportation.

(c) 22.5 percent to arterial streets, intersection improvements and regional transportation infrastructure.

The tax will fund the unanimously approved plan adopted by the Maricopa Association of Governments in 2022.

The AZAGC will be involved in the campaign and AZAGC’s 2007 chairman, Mike Hoover, CEO of Sundt Construction, will serve on the campaign’s executive committee along with Pam Kehaly, CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona; Mesa Mayor John Giles; Maricopa County Supervisor Jack Sellers; and Jim Kenny, CEO of El Dorado Holdings.



"Something You Should Know" AZ Work-Force Program gives you a chance to enter a trade with a local company and have your education paid for! Trades in Electric, Plumbing, Construction, Heating and Cooling, Auto Mechanic and more!

Today Meet Devin Cooper who had his trade education paid for at Cochise College to eventually work for Vista Pros Heating & Cooling of Sierra Vista!

A Southeastern Arizona Contractors Association/ Cochise College/ Skilled Trades Collaboration.

They also Need more local companies to participate in the program to get more skilled laborers ready to work for your business.

For more information contact Eric Grisham- AZ at Work at 520-458-9309 or email

Or stop by Arizona at Work Cochise County offices located at 2600 E Wilcox Dr Sierra Vista AZ

Or contact SACA at 520-458-0488 or via email at


A Pioneer of its time, Western Technologies (Western) started in Arizona in 1955 in a 180-sf masonry block building where the founder, Jim Warne Jr., broke concrete test cylinders with a manually operated 300,000-pound concrete compression break machine. As construction thrived, so did the advent of standardized testing, nondestructive testing, and environmental services throughout the southwestern United States.

Western has several registered professional engineers and geologists, trained and certified technicians, and certified environmental professionals who collectively share resources and work together to complete projects. Our materials laboratories are American Assocation of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) certified and can perform over 650 tests.

The company owner is Royal Holdco Corp dba RMA Companies, which constitutes several companies throughout the United States that perform multi-discipline services to support the built environment. Our motto is "Building Confidence from the Ground Up," as we provide whole project life cycle support through third party testing, inspection, and certification.

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