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Membership Terms & Conditions 

General Membership:

In making this application, I agree to abide by the Bylaws of Southeastern Arizona Contractors Association (SACA). I agree that if my membership is terminated by receipt of written notification or for nonpayment, I will pay all obligations owed to the Association which were accrued to the dates of cancellation. In event of termination of membership of Association, I agree to immediately discontinue the use of its insignias in any form. Attached is my remittance representing dues in the local, state and national Association. In accordance with the applicable provisions of the By-laws, I understand the failure to meet my financial obligations to the Association may jeopardize my Member-in-Good-Standing status. I understand that this membership shall be effective as of the date of signing this application, subject only to subsequent approval of the Membership Committee and the Board of Directors.

NOTE: Payments to SACA are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. However, they may be deductible under other provisions of the Internal Revenue Code. Membership in this Association is open to all persons regardless of race, religion, sex, national origin, handicap or family status. Dues are non-refundable after application is reviewed and approved by SACA Membership Committee and the SACA

Board of Directors. Once approved, your application may be processed for membership.

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